AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal

Volume 3, No. 2           Fall 2004 & Winter 2005

Editor: Deborah P. Kolodji   Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
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Webzine/webmaster: Lisa Janice Cohen      Newton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
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This issue of Amaze was updated on 01/11/2007



Hortensia Anderson     The Crown of Isis.

Gael Bage        Meteor Shower.        Twins in Space.

Luis Cuahtemoc Berriozabal          Addiction

Gary Blankenship           An Ode to the Form.

Kathy Lippard Cobb                  The Immortal.       Pieces of You.  

Michael L. Evans              Final Lament.    TRIAD Echoes.   Les Champs Elysees.     Falcon Dreams.

S.P. Flannary                    Borshch.         Primate Exhibit.

Bren Gentry       Firebrand.     Salt Licked.     Passages.  Why Jonah Loved the Whale.  

Michael Lohr            The Echo Outside and Within.

Rich Magahiz         Among the Remnant.  

Francis Masat              Show and Tell.

Susan B. McDonough     Day Break.

Karen L Newman       Spatial Glass Blower.     Mermaids' Tooth Fairy.

Linda Papanicolaou       Revelations

Kathy Paupore          Maple Metronome.

Andrew Ruitta         The Yield.

Stacy Smith      The Barred Owl.        The Trees' Voices.     Night Owl. 

Jackie Simmons       The Divorcee's Song.

Ron Sparks      Tsunami.   

Cindy Tebo            madonna.

Book Review:  Sand Dunes of the Great Lakes by C. J. Elfont, Edna A. Elfont



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