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J.E. Stanley

for Catherynne M. Valente

Breath held,
our hands tremble
as we open our scrolls
and Destiny casts tomorrow
in stone.


for Ofra Haza

The voice
of the desert
now silent, the faint breath
of the wind, stilled. . .the moon, again
and tears.

Dragon's Lament

for Mary A. Turzillo

There is
no treasure here,
no maidens to be saved.
And yet, they come and keep coming,
these knights,

these fools,
craving my flame.
They will not let me be
though I have allowed none to leave

though I
have paved the path
to my cave with the skulls
of their dead to tell them: "Keep Out.
Keep Out!"

I will hunt them,
reduce them all to ash
and finally be left alone,
in peace.

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