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Anderson - Hortensia Anderson lives in New York City, New York. The author of three "free verse" chapbooks and one book, Trust (Fly-By-Night Press), she has recently focused her attention on collaborative poetry and on poetry in forms. Her main interest is in the function of the internet on poetry in the 21st century.

Applegate - Jim Applegate has written poetry since he was in high school and after he retired he has been writing and submitting poetry to magazines. He has had poems in Modern Haiku, Japanophile, LYNX, and Black Creek Review. He was President of NMSPS and is a founding member of a local group called High Prairie Poets. He is also a member of HSA.

Attanasia--Frank Attanasia is an only child, born prematurely, 7 months early, and 
decided to stay. He was born, perhaps ahead of his time, in Brooklyn, New York on the day that Josef Stalin died. By profession, he is a Social Worker and holds an undergraduate and Masters Degree, MSW, from Fordham University. He is a CSW, (Certified Social Worker) licensed in New York State as well as being a Rostered Deacon of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America).  He is married to the Rev. Harriet Wieber and has two children, Matthew David and Christina Ruth.  His poetry and clinical articles have appeared in Healing Ministry Journal, which is published by Prime National Publishing Company, they also print the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care. Other publications: Adirondack Review, Feelings of the Heart Journal, Open Eyes, Journal of Practical Theology, based in Australia, The Feather Poetry Church Review of  London England, in Wellspring and Dayspring, and The Brooklyn College-City University of New York Publication, Thanatology Journal and News Letter.  He also plays the piano, so sometimes when he writes, it is with a tune in mind

August - Penny August is an oldish woman, trying to figure things out.

Austin -  Linda J Austin lives in an old farmhouse tucked into a Maine hillside with her beloved, three dogs, a cat, a rat, a rabbit, and a fish. When Linda began doing hospice work she discovered her place in the world, her goal to soothe the transition from this life to the next. Believing that poetry and art reveal things that "we don't know we know," Linda is pursuing a degree in art therapy. She facilitates an on-line poetry class;  is a member of The Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance; introduced the world to Flumes in an article published by T-zero Xpandazine . Some of her art and poetry can be viewed at an on-line exhibit presented for National Poetry Month .  Inspired by Annie Dillard, she is working on a collection of found poems, titled Hammered Silver. Look for Linda's name in the Fall/Winter poetry journal Diner.


Bage - Gael Bage

Barry - Sally Barry   is a drummer, singer, and writer from New York City.  She now lives in Seattle with her husband and five year old son.

Baldock - By nature an observer, SJ Baldock seeks inspiration for writing in the human condition and from natural phenomena. She has been published in International Toastmistress Magazine, Emotions Literary Journal, Scribe and Quill, SEEDS and The Fisherman's Guide. She has also been published in the ezines: A Writer's Choice, WritersBlock and SOL.

Beachboard - Deborah Beachboard has been published online in Dynamic Patterns Literary Webzine, Some Words, and Tintern Abbey. Her in-print credits include Twilight Ending, Sijo West, and Modern Haiku. Currently, Deborah's creative endeavors include acting as one of four preliminary judges for Poem Kingdom's Vie Via Verse contest, editing and publishing Wellspring (an online journal of Christian poetry), and participation in the United Amateur Press Association of America, for which she holds the office of Secretary/Treasurer. Deborah makes her home in Chehalis, Washington with husband Jim and four foster children.

Bender - Debra Woolard Bender  lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, his dog and her cat. An artist and poet, she is the co-creater and Editor-in-Chief of the World Haiku Review  and Development Advisor of the World Haiku Club. Her poetry, essays and articles are published in various magazines, newspapers, sites and journals in print and on the internet, including "Japanese Haiku to American Cinquain",  written for the World Haiku Review, a biographical article about Adelaide Crapsey and the relationship between Japanese haiku and tanka and American

Bennett - Nancy Bennett is an historical writer and poet who lives on Vancouver Island in the wilds of Sooke.

Berman - Paula Berman is an American expatriate now living with her her husband in Taiwan, after a stint in in the Netherlands. She works in the semiconductor industry and finds writing poetry a pleasant change from engineering. Since she has rowed on three continents now, many of her poems have their genesis on the water.

Berriozabal - Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal lives in West Covina, CA and his first book of poetry, Raw Materials, was published by Pygmy Forest Press. His poetry has been published by Frogpond, Raw NeRVZ Haiku, Red Moon Press, Journeys, and The New American Imagist. He was born in Cuernavaca,Morelos, Mexico and works in the mental health field.

Bethel - Bethel attends a small, private university somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. She left school almost thirty years ago, and since the family is now (more or less) successfully raised, she has decided to go back. New to writing poetry, Bethel has had two haiku chosen as Poem of the Month at Poets Against the War, and one accepted for publication in Heron's Nest. In the drawer to her left she has saved some special items for after graduation: wire, duct tape, and a plan.

Bhandari - Aviva Rifka Bhandari is a life-long poet from the UK, currently residing in Hertfordshire. Though just stepping out on publication boulevard Aviva is already honoured to be able to list a contribution to 'Stories of Strength', an anthology in aid of Disaster Relief Charities (Lulu, 2005), and an acceptance by 'Amaze: The Cinquain Journal' as her first two credits.

Blakemore-Baig - Sandi Blakemore-Baig  has been published online and in print. Her work can be found in Plum Ruby Review, Poems Niederngasse, Amaze: The Cinquain Journal, Scorched Earth, Spirits, Lactuca, The Pub, The AU Review and other literary magazines and journals. She has another poem forthcoming in Poems Niederngasse.

Blankenship - Gary Blankenship  is a retired financial manager whose avocation is writing poetry. His work has appeared in several ezines and a few paper magazines in the USA and other countries. He edited the poetry pages of Writer's Hood, an ezine, for three years, and is CEO of Santiam Publishing, our partner in these ventures. He wonders if he is an editor with a poet rattling around inside or a poet with an editor trying to get out. He has taught, moderated, judged and otherwise likely screwed up his brother and sister poets. His book, A River Transformed: Wang Wei's River Wang Poems as Inspiration is available from Lulu.com, as are others.  

Bloom - Carin Bloom is a 21-year-old recent graduate of the University of Delaware now pursuing her Masters at the University of Pennsylvania in Historical Archaeology. She's always loved writing, and is also a photography addict. Carin has never been published before, and is grateful to be counted among the talent on this website!

Bodien - Elizabeth Bodien lives in Kempton, Pennsylvania near Hawk Mountain.  She taught cultural anthropology and critical thinking at Northampton Community College. Her poems have won various awards and appear (or are forthcoming) in Ruah, Lilliput Review, Bear Creek Haiku, red lights, Bogg, The Litchfield Review, Fledgling Rag, bottle rockets, The Fourth River, Watershed, Solo Café, Frogpond, Ribbons, and Wisteria, among other publications. Her chapbook, Plumb Lines, published by Plan B Press in 2008 is in its third printing.

Bowman - Shawn Bowman and the cinquain have teamed up or soon will in the pages of SP Quill, Time Of Singing, Commomn Threads, Fighting Chance, Scifaikuest, Bear Creek Haiku, Modern English Tanka, Minas Tirith Evening-Star, Sketchbook, Plain Spoke, Spaceports & Spidersilk, Spitball, and Beauty/Truth.

Bradley - Lisa Bradley is the social director for a very demanding two-year-old, and she copyedits a political science journal in her copious free time. She writes cinquains while hiding in coffeehouses or just before falling asleep. Her poetry has appeared in ChiZine, nanobison, Mythic Delirium, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Dreams and Nightmares, Scifaikuest, and many other fine publications.

Brecht - Lauren Brecht lives in Hockessin, Delaware with her husband and two sons.

Brewer - Jenn Brewer, formerly an English/French/Spanish teacher and ESL assistant, is currently the owner and editor-in-chief of Dot the I Writing Services. She has been published previously in Spider Magazine and Common Ties. She lives with her husband and three children in Oregon.

Bridges - Bryan Bridges first worked in the fields of medicine and science.  Throughout his life he has been a photographer.  He has worked as a freelance writer, a photojournalist, commercial photographer and teacher.  Now he spends his time doing fine art photography, creative writing and public speaking.  He has published poetry and articles on poetry in a variety of magazines including SP Quill, Trellis, careADvantage and others.  His passion is form poetry.

Brock - Theolyn Brock lives in Orlando, Florida with a spoiled-rotten cat named Sasha. She is the former editor and publisher of "In the Light" (a Led Zeppelin newsletter). Theolyn graduated from UCF with a Bachelor's degree in Art and she loves art in all its expressive forms, especially music, writing and photography.  She has had her work published in Hummingbird, Bottlerockets, and World Haiku Review.

Byrd -
Darrell Byrd born in 1937 in Upland California, USA, is a retired Agricultural Biologist. He lives in the Imperial Valley, California, USA, a diverse agricultural area in the northern Sonoran Desert. He became interested in Japanese culture while serving in the Pacific Fleet stationed in Sasebo, Japan in the 1960s.  He contributes regularly to the on-line haiku lists and Photo-Haiku sites. His haiku and poetry have been published in Frogpond, Heron's Nest, Modern Haiku, Acorn, Paper Wasp, Ribbons, Amaze and Erotic Haiku, by Hiroaki Sato. He is a member of the Haiku Society Of America, Tanka Society of America ,World Haiku Club and the Southern California Haiku Study Group. Darrell takes advantage of the desert and mountain terrain of his environs, and of his years at sea, for inspiration in creating his haiku and poetry.


Cagnoni - Ana Cagnoni 

Cail -  Carol Cail writes the Maxey Burnell mystery series, as well as short stories and poems. A creative writing teacher and speaker, she lives in Colorado.

Carlisle - Mary Margaret Carlisle, internationally known award-winning American artist, poet and writer, was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1942. She lives in Webster, Texas, with her husband, Leo F. Waltz, a Planning Commissioner for the City of Webster. She has written three chapbooks, and has been published in various Texas, national, and international literary journals, magazines, and anthologies such as Tidelines I and Tidelines II, Texas Poetry Calendar, Curbside Review, and most recently in The Book of Hope, produced by Beyond Borders. Her work also appears online in several e-journals, including Map of Austin. Ms. Carlisle is a member of the Bay Area Writers Guild, the Poetry Society of Texas, the Galveston Artists Guild, and the Galveston Poets Roundtable. She is also the Managing Editor of Sol Magazine, an international organization of volunteers and member poets interested in the education of poets. For membership and submission guidelines, please visit: http://www.sol-magazine.org

Casto - Pamelyn Casto's feature-length articles have appeared in several issues of Writer's Digest. Her shorter work has appeared in Modern Haiku, Cicada, Potpourri, Mindprints, Ship of Fools, Suddenly: Sudden Fiction and Prose Poetry (and other print and online publications). She runs online poetry and flash fiction workshops and teaches online courses in flash fiction at Coffeehouse For Writers ( http://www.coffeehouseforwriters.com/flash.html ) and Writing-World (http://www.writing-world.com )

Clemons - Mary Susan Clemons lives in Florida with her husband. She has published in Loch Raven Review and Bronzer! She is the co-manager of two on-line writer's groups, The Writer's Journals and A Writer's Sanctuary, and is active in three additional groups. She also sponsors a writer's group, "For Poets" for middle school students.

Cobb - Kathy Lippard Cobb resides in Bradenton, Florida, with her best friend Scott, and a dog named Benji. She wrote her first haiku in August, 2000 and has since been published in most of the major journals. You may see her work in Heron's Nest, Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Paper Wasp, Acorn, Snapshots, Autumn Leaves (online site), Haiku Light (online site), Haiku Harvest (online site), Temps Libres, Raw Nervz, Presence, Still, Haiku Headlines, Starfish, Yellow Moon, Shemom, and The Florida Villager. You can also find Kathy's work in the Basho Anthology, upcoming HSA Anthology, and the upcoming Red Moon Press Anthology. Kathy won 1st place in the 2001 Harold Henderson contest, as well as commended/runner up, in the Itzy Bitzy Cinquain Contest, Yellow Moon Haiku Contest, Haiku Calendar Competition, Midwest Poetry Review Annual Haiku Contest, the 2001 Haiku Presence Award, Midwest Poetry Review Annual Senryu Contest, Mini-Words Haiku Competition, as well as poem of the week on the Shadow Poetry site. Her normal occupation is marketing/management. Her other interests include singing and drawing. She has also had some freestyle poetry published, but haiku is her first love. Kathy attributes most of her haiku success to several editors, and a close friend from the haiku lists. She writes: "Christopher Herold published my first haiku and showed me the basics. Then Ferris Gilli became my editor, and as she will tell you, I bugged her to death with questions. I also give a special thanks to an'ya. She helped me a lot when I first came on the list. She was patient, kind, and I am still benefiting from her help today. Plus, special thanks go out to Elizabeth St. Jacques, Jim Kacian, Martin Lucas, Billie Wilson, and Denis Garrison (all went above and beyond the normal role of editors)."

Cohen - Lisa Janice Cohen lives in Newton, Massachusetts with her husband, 2 sons, and a dog. She is a physical therapist.   Her poetry has been published in Amaze, The Writer's Hood, World Haiku Review, and Stirring.  Her work in progress can often be found on Wild Poetry Forum where she is head monitor, and on her blog.   She is the webmaster of Amaze--The Cinquain Journal.

Collman - Bob Collman was born and reared in Texas and lived in Washington State for  ten years before moving to England in 1973. He obtained bachelor and masters  degrees from North Texas State University and worked as a clinical  psychologist in Washington state until enrolling for a doctorate at the  University of Washington in educational psychology. He worked as an  educational psychologist in Washington state and England. He's now a student  at the University of Kent, Canterbury, studying creative writing. He lives  with his wife Val, also a retired psychologist and three cats, Foxy, Smudge  and Pumpkin. His interest in poetry has come late and is a great delight.  For someone who has written reports and reviews all his life, writing  poetry, short stories and novels is a joy.

Constable - Susan Constable has numerous forms of poetry published in both print magazines and on-line journals. Since 2006, however, she has focused mainly on the Japanese short forms, including haiku and haiga. She lives with her husband on Canada’s west coast, where the natural world provides much of her subject matter, inspiration, and pleasure.

Corke - Anya Corke is a 16-year-old student who lives in Hong Kong. She began writing poetry at the age of nine and has since appeared in a number of publications, most recently SP Quill Quarterly Magazine, Writer's Forum magazine and the anthology "New Classic Poems: Contemporary Verse That Rhymes". Her other passion is chess: in 2004, she earned the title of "Woman Grandmaster", the second youngest in the world at the time. She won the Asian Under-14 Girls Championship (2004), the Hong Kong Championship (among adults) three years consecutively (2004, 2005 and 2006) and was Board 1 for the Hong Kong "men's" team in the 2006 Chess Olympiad held in Torino, Italy.

Cox - Dina E. Cox writes poems of all sizes, from her home in Unionville, Ontario, Canada. A musician and mother of four adult children, she has had poetry published in several anthologies and literary journals in Canada and the United States. She recently won first place in the Betty Drevniok Award, 2000, which is administered by Haiku Canada.

Cox - Gillena Cox writes as a hobby and enjoys crafting her ideas into a poetic form.  She particularly enjoys short forms because of the constraints of abstraction in them. Her attempts at Cinquain can be read at The World Haiku Review and also at her poetry site PatchWork She is the mother of two children and lives in Trinidad; one of the twin islands, which make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Da Costa - Andrea Da Costa lives in Melbourne, Australia. After going through an extremely difficult period of her life, she emerged with the gift of poetry, writing her first poem in June 1999. Since then writing has become her first love with other interests including philosophy, psychology and web page design. She has had several of her poems and a short story published in issues of Skyline Publications literary magazine and a chapter of her poetry appeared in the recently released book Before The Last Shadow Fades - A Shadow Poetry Collection Volume 3. Three of her poems have also been featured as choice poems on the Australian Poetic Society's web site. Andrea's personal poetry site can be found at http://piecesofmyheart.org

Daleiden - John Daleiden lives in Oskaloosa, Iowa, a rural community south-east of Des Moines. He has retired after teaching 43 yeas as a high school Language Arts teacher. After retirement he returned to writing poetry. His work has appeared in World Haiku Review: The Poetrybridge, Lynx, May Dazed, The Scorched Earth, Full Moon, Temps Libres - Free Times, and other e-zines.

Daniels - Maureen Daniels has an M.F.A. in Poetry and her work has been published in journals such as Black Book Press, Offerings, Modern Words, and Paramour.

Davidson - Historian and poet Shae Davidson currently serves as a member of the Creative Synthesis Collaborative, and has worked as an instructor, researcher, and museum director.  His prior publications include historical essays, reviews, and policy analysis; his poetry has appeared in journals in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  His latest chapbook, The Tongue Conceals Time, has just been published by Proboscis.

Day - Cherie Hunter Day lives in San Diego, California. A poet and artist, she writes haiku,tanka, rengay, collaborative tanka sequences, and free verse poetry. She was awarded first place in the Snapshot Collection Competition 1999 for her book-length tanka collection, Early Indigo (Snapshot Press, 2000). A chapbook of tanka, Sun, Moon, Mother, Father was published in 1997. Recent publication credits include: How to Haiku (Tuttle Publishing, 2002); The New Haiku (Snapshot Press, 2002); and the loose thread (Red Moon Press, 2002). Upcoming issues of Frogpond, Modern Haiku, The Heron's Nest, and Snapshots will contain examples of her work.

Dee - Billie Dee served as the 2000-2001 Poet Laureate of the National Library Service. She completed her doctorate at the University of California at Irvine, with post-graduate studies at UCLA. Her work has recently appeared in Squaw Valley Writers' Review, Spillway, Weber Studies, Echo 681, Poetry Southeast, and other journals. She has published four chapbooks, the last,
Hooves of the Wild White Mare, through Burning House Press, 2005, and is presently shopping her first full-length book. You can visit her website at www.geocities.com/billiedee2000.

Dearborn - Stephen Clay Dearborn was born in southeast Kansas and is gradually moving northeast in three-hour increments. He currently resides in the Kansas City area, within walking distance of a pretty decent art-house cinema. As a journalist working under a somewhat similar name, he has covered a number of surprising developments, several emerging trends, at least one momentous occasion and countless sporting events. He is married to the candle and soap artisan Liv Terrace-Dearborn.

Decter - Tom Decter

DeLozier - Lori DeLozier

de Ville - Janie de Ville lives in Australia.

Dixon - Melissa Dixon lives in Victoria, B.C., Canada. For forty years, verbal communication was her chosen way to make a living--she worked as a performer in all media in Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Now retired, in the past ten years she has been writing poetry, enjoying this more
solitary opportunity to play with words. Melissa has had haiku, tanka and haibun published in poetry magazines such as Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Haiku Canada, Raw NerVZ, The Japan Tanka Journal, American Tanka, Kokako (NZ), and a number of anthologies, plus Online websites LYNX and
Poetry in the Light. She has won awards for her work in Japan and the US. Melissa is now happy to add cinquains as another form of expression.

Donihe  - Kevin L. Donihe is the author of the Novel, SHALL WE GATHER AT THE GARDEN? (ISBN: 0-9713572-5-0) 244 page trade-paperback from Eraserhead Press of Portland, Oregon.  He has also been published in over 100 magazines/anthologies in eight countries including The Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers, Eldritch Tales, Not One Of Us, Cemetery Sonata II, Darkness Rising, Underworlds, Thin Ice, Crossroads, Enigmatic Tales, Roadworks, Nasty Piece of Work, Frisson, Horrorfind, Unhinged, Freezer Burn Magazine, Rictus, Edgar: Digested Verse, The Dream Zone, Horror Haven, Sidereality, Frightnet, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Wicked Little Girls, Bathtub Gin, Penny Dreadful, Electric Velocipede, Cabal Asylum, Vampire Dan's Story Emporium, Fantasque, Mindmares, and many others.

Dorsey - Mary Dorsey teaches English at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan,
and has been writing poetry since childhood.

Doss - Jim Doss, co-editor of Loch Raven Review, was born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His work has appeared in Poetry East, Virginia Literary Review, Poems Niedergasse, and other publications. He earns his living as a software engineer, and lives with his wife and three children in Maryland.

Eastlund - Madelyn Eastlund is editor of Harp Strings Poetry Journal and also Poets Forum Magazine. Both magazines are in the middle of their 15th year. She is also a retired creative writing instructor, for the past 19 years she has been director of a poetry workshop, lectures, is a free lance writer, and has had stories, poems, articles, and columns in many magazines.

Eitzen - Valerie Eitzen  lives in Hemet, California, with her husband “Ron,” her Pomeranian “Lily” and Lily’s cat, “Beau.” She has a B.A. degree in Anthropology from CSU Northridge. Over the years, she occupied her free time writing newspaper obituaries and columns for the newsletters of various charitable organizations, and proofreading articles and manuscripts.  This summer Valerie retired, after 15 years, as an editor and proofreader for the bi-monthly publication Sathya Sai Newsletter, USA.  She recently ghostwrote a book on a magical ring, and is currently working on a grammar school teacher’s manual.  This fall, she enrolled in the college course, "Promising Writers’ Workshop."  It was in this workshop that she first heard of cinquains.

Erickson - Holly Erickson is a native Texan transplanted in the Pacific Northwest. She is a writer, graphic artist, film buff and avid reader who occupies her left brain with business administration. Some of her essays can be read on the soapboxgirls archives at www.soapboxgirls.com.

Evans - Michael L. Evans  is retired and lives in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, where he relocated from the San Diego area in 1999. He is retired and divides his time between writing and playing with two of his grandsons. He has been publishing his haiku since 1997, and has had them printed in Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Heron's Nest, RAW NerVZ, Haiku Pocket Poems:1999, Persimmon, Heron Quarterly, Red Moon Anthology: 2000 & 2002, and on-line in Simply Haiku. 
He was awarded 2nd place, in the Senryu division, of the San Francisco International Contest: Haiku, Senryu, & Tanka 2001. His rengay have appeared on-line in Lynx and Simply Haiku. He also writes tanka and free verse, and has recently begun to explore cinquain. He enjoys the flow and subtleties of cinquain; feels "at home" in the form, and looks forward to writing many more. 

Fabian - Gerry Fabian is a retired English and creative writing teacher. One of his favorite forms of poetry to teach is the cinquain. He has published poetry in various magazines since 1972. Currently he is working on a book of published poems.

Fenn - Jennifer Fenn was born and raised in Fresno, California, where she earned her M.A. in linguistics from California State University.  She has been writing poetry since high school, and has been published in The National Catholic Reporter and The Pink Chameleon.  The ideas she gets for writing come from travel, the news, and spending time with friends. 

Flannery -  S.P. Flannery was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and now reside in Madison and writes poetry, maintaining a website about primates called "The Primata" at http://members.tripod.com/cacajao/ . Flannery's poetry has appeared in Mobius, Hummingbird, Avocet, Sidereality, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, Lily, Spillway Review, Electric Acorn, Free Verse, and Plum Ruby Review, with poetry forthcoming in Mastodon Dentist and The Neovictorian/ Cochlea.

Foley -  Jody Foley lives in Berthoud, Colorado with her two young sons, their two large toads and one very old dog. After her career as stay-at-home-mom recently ended, she went back to school to gather enough English credits for licensure as a middle school English teacher. For the past twenty years, she has secretly escaped through writing poetry, screenplays, essays, children's stories and daily journaling. She enjoys stringing words together in any medium that grabs her.

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Garrison - Denis Garrison,  an Iowa native, has lived all over the United States and in Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Garrison lives with his wife, Deborah, in Baltimore's Hunt Country. A 1974 university graduate in English Literature from Towson, where he edited the literary magazine and chaired the Towson English Association, Garrison taught creative writing for Johns Hopkins University's Free University. His poetry is published in Poetry Scotland, Nightingale, Verse Libre Quarterly, Talisman, Stirring, Amaze, Rustlings of the Wind, World Haiku Review, In Buddha's Temple, Short Stuff, Poetry in the Light, Poetic Voices, Haiga Online, East Village Poetry, and others. Garrison's published books include Port of Call and Other Poems chapbook (two editions), Eight Shades of Blue, a haiku collection, The Brink at Logan Pond, collected poems, and Three Odd Tales, short stories. Denis Garrison edited Haiku Harvest, Ku Nouveau, Haiku Noir, Amaze, Templar Phoenix, Haiku Cycles, and Gunpowder River Poetry. He is a member of the Maryland Writers' Association.

Gendrano - Victor P. Gendrano lives in Carson, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, with his wife Lucy, a retired schoolteacher. Vic is a retired librarian from the Los Angeles County public library. He edited and published Heritage, an English-language quarterly magazine of Filipino culture, arts and letters & the Filipino American experience from 1987 till it ceased in December 1999 due to his wife’s health. Heritage served as the outlet for his creative works. He writes in both Tagalog, his native Philippine language, and English. Aside from haiku, Vic writes senryu, haiga, tanka, and haibun as well as Sijo, the Korean poetic form. His haiku and related poems are in his website, Haiku index.

Gentry - Brenda Gentry lives in Billings, Missouri on a farm, with her husband, two teenage daughters, 7 dogs and a host of other animals. Her pen name is Bren; she has been writing for the past year or so, learning everything she can about writing from some amazing poets at Wild Poetry Forum and The Critical Poet. Cinquains have become her passion since the moment she was introduced to them by her friend Lisa Janice Cohen.

Glickman - Benita Glickman- teacher, mentor. Consultant to Brown University. Member of the Academy of American Poets. Recipient of the Alice Minnie Hertz Heniger Award for Children's Literature and winner of Nanny Fanny's 2003 poetry contest. Recent credits include Wedding Blessings, Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul, the Aurorean, Black Bear Review, Ibbetson Street Press, Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Mobius, Pegasus, Presence and Twilight Ending. Poetry currently featured on Gotta Write Network Online and Poetry Depth Quarterly's website.

Gordinier - Gerald Gordiner’s poetry has appeared in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, undergraduate publications, "Xylem," and "Fortnight," and the Michigan State undergraduate publication, "The Offbeat." He is twenty-two, and while his passion is the writing and reading of poetry, he is also employed as an English teacher in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Grey - John Grey is an Australian born poet, playwright, musician. His Latest book is What Else Is There from Main Street Rag. His work has appeared recently in The English Journal, Northeast and the Journal Of The American Medical Association.

Hale - Robert Hale  worked for twenty years in IT before giving it up to travel around the world. He sees himself mainly as a travel writer who also does some poetry. Now he's back at home in England working teaching English as a Second Language in Birmingham and trying desperately to save up for some more traveling.

Hamrick - Mary Hamrick was raised in Staten Island, New York and Miami Beach, Florida. She currently resides in Florida and her poetry frequently appears in the Tallahassee Democrat. She is married and has one child. Various publications include the following: On the Page Magazine (online) will soon be printing a poem titled, "New York's Pull" for their "cities" theme. ABOUT.COM included her poem, "An American Soldier," in their "Poems After the Attack" anthology. The book, Surviving Ophelia, that was written by Cheryl Dellasega, Ph.D. (A clinician/academic at Penn State’s College of Medicine and writer) included an essay written by Mary under her pen name.  Mary also signed a contract with Cheryl Dellasega to include her poem, "Gossip," in Dellasega’s future book, Cool to be Kind: Ten Strategies to Help Girls Deal with Adolescent Aggression.  Phoenix Press (at California), Night Roses, and Bouillabaisse have also printed her poems. 

Hawes - C W Hawes, human services worker by occupation, lives on a small farm in the
Midwestern United States. His interests are many and varied and he hasn't exhausted them yet. For him, poetry is a Way, a spiritual path. His work has appeared in Carnelian, Tryst, SubtleTea, Makata, Lynx, Autumn Leaves and Poetic Voices among others and he has work scheduled to appear in The Ghazal Page and Lilliput. He edited a Japanese-form issue of The MAG (Summer 2004) and was a winner in the 2004 Tanka Splendor Contest. He is also a moderator on the AhaPoetry Forum. 

Harte - Erin Harte resides in Southern New Hampshire where she writes short poetry and fiction. Her work has been accepted for publication in various poetry journals (print and online). Flash!Point, Short Stuff and Buddha's Temple to name a few. Her haiku collection, tentatively titled Nocturne, is due out for publication in 2003.

Hill - Native Californian, Margaret (Peggy) Ellis Hill  loves to write.  Her work has been featured in online e-zines, published in magazines, anthologies and has won numerous awards locally and nationally, a juried poet at the Houston Poetry Fest for 2002 and 2003, and her work included
in the Austin Poetry Festival Anthologies for the last 4 years. Peggy is a member of the California Federation of Chaparral Poets, Ina Coolbrith Society, the Sacramento Poetry Society and other
special critique and writing groups.  Her first book of poetry, CLOSE COMPANY was released May, 2003 by PoetWorks Press.

Hoffman - Roxanne Hoffman worked on Wall Street, now answers as patient hotline for a major New York home healthcare provider.  Her poetry appears in The Bandana Republic: A Literary Anthology By Gang Members And Their Affiliates (Soft Skull Press) and can be heard during the independent film, "Love & The Vampire."  She owns the small press, Poets Wear Prada.

Honour - Suzanne Honour lives just north of Brisbane, Australia. She is a lover of 'form' poetry and meets with Peninsular Poets and Queensland Bush Poets. Her poems have been featured on various websites, and displayed in art galleries to complement art on exhibition. Suzanne's poetry and/or writing has been published in anthologies, national and local newspapers, and The Baroque Review.

Holzer - Ruth Holzer's work has appeared in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Presence, American Tanka, Hummingbird, bottle rockets, Acorn, Potpourri, Lynx, Cicada, Paper Wasp and other journals. She was among the winners of the 2001 Haiku Presence Sea Shell Competition and will be in the upcoming Red Moon Press Anthology.

Hughes - Belinda Y. Hughes is a freelance writer, massage therapist, yoga instructor, and special ed teacher aide based in Lake Charles, LA, where her home miraculously survived Hurricane Rita. Ten Tanzanian Cinquains were inspired by her father's June 2005 journey to assist in the growth of post-secondary education in Tanzania, and her own simultaneous introduction to the cinquain form.
The author of LIVING PROOF, she edits and publishes Belinda's Writing News (aka BWN, an award-winning free weekly ezine) and Blessed Health - The Ezine. Her work has been published in the (McNeese State University) Contraband, the (Lake Charles) American Press, (Lake Charles Community Church of the Brethren) Newsletter, and Long Story Short, among many others.
  Belinda is also the facilitator of discussions on Chick Lit at Forward Motion  and just participated in her first NaNoWriMo.   She welcomes contacts via her site  or email.

Huskey - Jason Huskey's poetry has appeared in Perigee: Publication for the Arts, Red River Review, Valparaiso Poetry Review, and is forthcoming in Gentle Strength Quarterly. A graduate of Longwood University, he currently resides in central Virginia. Links to his work may be found
at his blog: http://www.jasonhuskey.blogspot.com

Ingrassia - Paul ‘The Mystic Fool’ Ingrassia is a native New Yorker living in Westchester County . Paul was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2006 for his poem 'Adelaide Crapsey'. His poetry, articles, and/or short fiction have appeared in AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal, Sketchbook, Necrotic Tissue, Circle Magazine, Isis-Seshat Magazine, Mirror of Isis, The Pagan's Muse Poetry Anthology, Reflections, Getting Something Read, and several local newspapers. To learn more about Paul and his writing visit his blog at: http://themysticfool.blogspot.com/

Iuppa - M.J.Iuppa lives on a small farm near the shores of Lake Ontario. Recent  poems in The Comstock Review, Iconoclast, Poetry Midwest, Apple Valley Review, The Puckerbrush Review, The Hurricane Review, miller’s pond and The Centrifugal Eye; in the following anthologies: From the Other World:  Poems in Memory of James Wright, edited by Bruce Hendricksen and Robert Johnson, Lost Hills Books (2007); and forthcoming in Eating the Pure Light, Poems honoring Thomas McGrath, edited by John Bradley, Backwaters Press (2009); The Poets Guide to The Birds, edited by Judith Kitchen and Ted Kooser, Anhinga Press (2009); Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer’s Disease, edited by Holly Hughes, Kent State UP (2009); a lyrical essay in Gulf Coast and a poetry review in Tar River Poetry.  She is Writer-in-Residence and Director of the Arts Minor Program at St. John Fisher College; and is currently serving as a poetry advisor for the New York Foundation for the Arts (2007-2011).

Ivy - Evie Ivy, dancer/poet, has been writing poetry since childhood. Her book out "The First Woman Who Danced," contains only her poetry based on her experiences as a dancer. She teaches the ancient art of belly dancing as exercise and fun, and has been a featured reader in many readings at cafes, radio, cable TV, schools and other institutions and special events in the tristate area. She enjoys writing in different forms and in free verse, and has served as poetry editor for several poetry journals. Evie has been running poetry readings in the New York area, particularly Brooklyn for over 10 years.

Jalajel - David Jalajel is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and a graduate of Morgan State University. He spends much of his time in Cape Town, South Africa, which has become like a second home to him.

Kamilhor - Judy Kamilhor (kamihaiku@gmail.com) has been writing haiku and senryu under the name kami haiku since 2003, and has recently branched out into other short forms, including tanka and cinquains. One of her haiku was selected for the World Haiku Club showcase in 2005. She has had several poems published in "Haiku Harvest," "clwn wr", and one senryu published online in the February 2006 issue of "Simply Haiku." Please visit her haiku blog

Kendrick - Anthony Kendrick is a native of Western New England, but he currently resides in rural Western Pennsylvania just an hour east of Pittsburgh in the beautiful Laurel Highlands with his wife and two dogs. He has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Western Governors University. He is
a Library aide and aspiring nature poet who has been published in local journals and newspapers. He is currently working on poetry inspired by his trips to Montana.

Kittle - Derek Kittle is a 30 year-old teacher/student at Auburn University, where 
his wife attends veterinary school. He recently published a children's book 
available at: http://www.catalog.synergebooks.com/customer/product.php?productid=17417&cat=34&page=3

Kolodji - Deborah P. Kolodji lives in Pasadena, California. A mother of three teenagers, her haiku has appeared in Star Leaper Magazine, Dreams and Nightmares, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Star*Line, The Periodic Table of Haiku, and the chapbook "Dreams of Dark Futures". She moderates the e-list CinquainPoets and is Magazine Editor of AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal.

Klesko - Karina Klesko 

Lafortune - Jessica Lafortune was born in The Bronx, New York, and remained in the New York area through college, where she earned a degree in Elementary Education. After teaching in both public and private schools, she now resides in suburban Orlando with her husband and two school-age children. When she is not writing, Jessica can be found playing with her three dogs, reading to her children or dating her husband. On rare occasions she can be seen cleaning the house, but most often, she is holed up someplace writing for the (much-needed) therapy it provides.

Lambert - Wesley Lambert's poetry and/or prose has appeared in many online and print publications, including: Paradox, Hadrosaur Tales, Amazing Journeys, Sidereality, Scifaikuest, Astropoetica, Between Kisses, Dragons, Knights, and Angels, Flashshot, AlienSkin, Lyrica, Flash Fantastic, and others. He welcomes feedback.

Layton - Toni J. Layton is a freelance writer and poet living in Burbank, CA.

Lazar - Nancy Williams Lazar lives in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. She worked for two years as a freelance reporter for the Allentown Morning Call after retiring from her furniture manufacturing business of 20 years. She is back to her first love- poetry and taking the time to explore. Her poems have also appeared in The Loch Raven Review, and Mindfire: War and Peace special issue.

Lindsey - Darrell Lindsey is a freelance writer from Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas. His haiku and tanka have won awards in the United States, Japan, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Canada. Most recently, he won the international second prize in the 2008 Mainichi Haiku Contest.

Locock - Martin Locock was born in England; he studied Archaeology at Cambridge University, and worked as a professional archaeologist for 15 years. He now lives in Wales, and works at the National Library of Wales. His poetry is characterized by a deceptive simplicity and clarity belying its subtle and often humorous intent. He has blogs for his poetry (Complete and Utter Poetry) and prose (A Few Words ). He is 43, married with three children.


Lohr - Michael Lohr   is a professional international journalist. He has appeared in such diverse magazines as Rolling Stone, The Economist, Southern Living, Flight Journal, Hiking Magazine, Men’s Journal, Vermont Living, Vermont Life, Cowboys & Indians, ESPN the Magazine, Bluegrass Unlimited, Outside Magazine, Caribbean Travel & Life, Canoe Journal, Canoe & Kayaking, Outdoor Life and Blue Ridge Country, to name a few.He is currently Senior-Editor-At-Large and a member of the Board of Directors of Beyond Borders Press based in Reykjavík, Iceland and Bay of Islands, New Zealand.  His webpage can be found at: http://www.internet.is/music/writer/michael_lohr.htm

Lucas - Amanda Lucas was born and raised in Auburn, NY, where she currently resides. Although she has been writing poetry since a young age, she is just recently venturing into the world of publication. Her poetry has previously been accepted into Conceit Magazine. She is currently studying to be a high school English teacher and can be reached at http://www.myspace.com/lost_october

Lucky - Bob Lucky lives with his family in Hangzhou, China, where he teaches history, rides around on his one-speed bicycle and plays the uke, not at the same time. His work has appeared in various journals.

Luna - Melisande Luna is a writer living in Central California, her passion for nature stems in part from her education in Geology. Melisande's recent poetry publications include, Mother Tongued, Renku Home, The Edinburgh Geologist, Old Fedora, The Central California Poetry Journal, and a number of anthologies.

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M is an Administrator for an online poetry site and labor of love called Wild Poetry Forum . You can find her there daily, tending to Wild's membership, giving out probably unwanted advice, and trying her best to steward the ship through sometimes stormy seas. She has also served as an Associate Editor for Stirring: A Literary Collection for the past six years. In the few seconds a month when she is not working on either of these projects, she reads mostly novels, walks her bustling city's streets with her wonderful man, and is grateful for the enormous amount of love in her life. 

MacRury - Carole MacRury lives with her husband on the lovely peninsula of Point Roberts, Washington; a small piece of land that borders Canada on the 49th parallel. Being Canadian herself, with two grown children living in the USA, this suits her fine. She has been writing for many years now, with acceptance in various journals - the most recent being Red River Review, The Green Tricycle, World Haiku Review, and Amaze. She finds inspiration in the outdoors, and hikes and bikes whenever and wherever she can. Her goal is to have her poetry independently published.

Magahiz - Richard Magahiz  is a former Californian, former scientist, current entrepreneur, current blogger, future mystic, future recollection. His work appears online and in print at World Haiku Review, Autumn Leaves, Amaze, iscifistory, tinywords, Abyss & Apex, clouds peak, Tales from the Moonlit Path, LYNX, and Triptych Haiku. Poems of his will be in forthcoming issues of Scifaikuest, The Sword Review, and Dreams and Nightmares. His website is at http://magahiz.com:8080/frabjous/index.html.

Martin - Terra Martin,  a practicing therapist in Toronto, has poetry in Atlas Poetica 3,  Amaze,  American Tanka, Asahi Shimbun  (Japan),  Bottlerockets, Contemporary Haibun, Eucalypt (Australia), Gusts, Kokako, Lynx, Modern English Tanka, moonset, Ribbons, Simply Haiku, 3 Lights Gallery (England), tinywords and many other journals. Her tanka may be read in the Landfall, Ash Moon and The Tanka Prose anthologies.

Masat - Fran Masat was educated in Illinois, Kansas, and Nebraska. After 36 years as a University Professor in the Midwest and New Jersey, Francis lives in tropical Key West with his wife Carol and their cats. Over 60 literary journals worldwide have accepted his recent work.

Matey - George Matey 

McBride - Candace McBride lives in Pennsylvania with her mother. She has only one dream and that is to be a writer. To date she has a folklore manuscript completed and several stories nearly finished. She has poems published here and there, and many posted on her website at http://www.angelfire.com/de/poetry/writings.html.

McClintock - Michael McClintock lives in South Pasadena, California, USA. His poetry has appeared in each of the three editions of The Haiku Anthology, edited by Cor van den Heuvel, (latest edition W. W. Norton, 1999) and regularly in magazines and journals devoted to haiku, related literature, and the short poem. He is currently Vice President of the Tanka Society of America, columnist for "The Tanka Cafe" in the Tanka Society of America Newsletter (quarterly) and Consulting Editor of Journeys: A Quarterly of English-Language Haibun, which premieres in February 2002.

McCollum - Lauren McCollum's work has appeared in Poetry, Willard & Maple, and New Millennium Writings. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn, New York.

McGill - Originally from NYC, Allen McGill  lives, writes, acts and directs theatre in Mexico. His published fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, photos, etc., have won awards and appeared in: NY Times, The Writer, Newsday, Literary Potpourri, Poetry Midwest, QLRS, Herons Nest, Frogpond, Modern Haiku, World Haiku Review, many others.  He is a former member of PEN. He was an invited guest at the First World Poetry Festival in Taiwan 2005, haibun editor for Simply Haiku, and two of his plays have been professionally produced in Sacramento and L.A. His first book -- SUNSEEKERS,
a selection of haiku and haibun by Allen McGill -- is being published this Fall by Golden Swamp Warbler Press.

McDonough - Susan Benoit McDonough lives in southern Arizona with a good part of each
summer spent in coastal Maine. Writing mostly short stories since childhood, she has recently renewed a love for poetry. As a certified desert landscaper, she spends her time working in gardens, writing poetry, enjoying her two teenagers and is a royal rooter of the Boston Red Sox.

Merriam - Joanne Merriam is a Canadian living in Concord, NH. The author of the poetry book The Glaze from Breaking, her poems have appeared recently in Alba, My Poem Rocks and Riddle Fence. You can find her at joannemerriam.com.

Middleton - William J. Middleton (Bill) was born and educated in Texas, but now lives in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, where he and his wife Millie have resided for the past thirty-three years. Bill retired from DuPont after more than thirty years as a research chemist where he was awarded more than 100 patents for his chemical inventions; then he spent eleven years teaching chemistry at Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, where he is presently an Emeritus Professor. He has been widely published in the small press poetry magazines, and was named Poet of the Year-1996 by the Feelings Poetry Journal. Since 1994, when he started writing poetry, he has self-published 
eighteen chapbooks of his poems. His latest chapbooks are Merely Mearns: Nonsense Poems (ISBN 1-886467-76-5) and Crossing the Brandywine (ISBN 1-8886467-80-3).

Mollohan - Shayla Mollohan is a writer/editor, living in the South with her husband, Stephen, and cat, Sophie. Her work has appeared in various publications such as Poem, Amelia, Touchstone Literary Review, Sun Dog, Whiskey Island, 3River, Piedmont Literary Review, Bogg and a number of others. Most recently, her work will be included in Alabama Anthology and she is finishing her first book of poetry. Also, Shayla is very involved in political activism work, mostly electronically due to health, and primarily for groups supporting the rights of the disabled, wildlife, and the environment, and is now researching/writing on the topic of the "politics of pain."

Moody - Jenni Moody is an administrative assistant at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. When she is not writing, she is reviewing works of sequential art for the online zine Sequential Tart and for her podcast, the Phantom Power Comics Podcast (http://ppcp.libsyn.com). In 2006, she was awarded the Women Comics Podcasters Grant. This is her first poetry publication.

Moore - Mary E. Moore, started out working as an experimental psychologist. After being based in a hospital, she decided to attend medical school. Subsequently, she became a rheumatologist, combining teaching, research and clinical practice. Her poetry, begun after she retired from an academic medical career, is primarily rhymed verse in traditional forms. It has appeared in Möbius, The Raintown Review, The Mid-America Poetry Review, The HyperTexts, Umbrella Journal, The Eclectic Muse and several anthologies. Some of her poetry can be seen at her website http://mary.e.moore.home.net.att

Morse - Drew Morse  received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Oregon . He is the author of A New Discipline of Vision, a study of the relationship between poetics and science in contemporary speculative verse. His poetry, articles and reviews have appeared in such publications as Mythic Delirium, Star*Line, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Illumen and Timberline. He lives near Cleveland , Ohio , with his wife, Marcy Hunt-Morse, where he directs the John Carroll University Writing Center .

Mulligan - J. B. Mulligan lives in Washingtonville, New York.

Mulrooney - Christopher Mulrooney has published poems, fiction, translations & photographs in Combo, Janus Head, Quarterly Literary Review of Singapore, Big City Lit, Another Sun, etc.; he is the author of notebook and sheaves.

Naia - Naia writes cinquain, haiku, tanka, haibun, free verse, and short verse. She also paints with watercolors and creates modern haiga by juxtaposing her own painted or photographed images and her poetry. Naia belongs to a variety of poetic societies, and her works are widely published throughout the world. A fifth-generation native Californian, Naia currently lives in San Diego County.

Nawrocki - Amy Nawrocki is a professor of English at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Her poems have appeared in Ribbons, Modern English Tanka, Flutter, Lily, The White Leaf Review, and Baby Clam Press.

Newman - Karen L. Newman's work has appeared or is scheduled to appear in EOTU Ezine, Justus Roux's Erotic Tales, Scared Naked Magazine, Aoife's Kiss, Naked Snake Online, A Tangled Script of Intangible Soul Engravings, Nevermore Magazine, Mind Caviar, Poetry Renewal, and several VoicesNet anthologies.

O'Lear  - Lee O'Lear -  lives in Hudson County, New Jersey. Though she usually writes rhyming poetry, Lee appreciates the traditional cinquain's structured form.

O'Leary - Karen O'Leary is a wife, mother, nurse, and freelance writer from North Dakota. Writing affords her an outlet for her creativity and allows her to reach out to others. Her poetry has appeared in "WestWard Quarterly", "Storyteller", "Art With Words", "RB's Poets' Viewpoint", "The Gem", as well as others.

Orr - April Orr is a young enthusiastic writer from Victoria, Australia. She enjoys writing short stories and all forms of poetry and has previously been published in Modern English Tanka. Amaze #16 is the first of her Cinquain publications.

Palmerino - Gregory Palmerino teaches writing at Mitchell College and writes poetry in Eastern Connecticut where he lives with his wife, Paula, and their two young sons, Ian and Mavin.

Paul - Kiwanda J. Paul resides in Willingboro, New Jersey. By day, she is a sales coordinator. By night, she is a tired mother and wife. Sometimes, she finds time to work on her poetry; most of which never makes it out of her sock drawer. You can find other works by Ms. Paul at Timbooktu.com.

Papanicolaou - Linda Papanicolaou is an art historian and art teacher living l in the Bay Area of Northern California. Her interest in haiga began when she taught an art lesson that combined leaf printing and haiku. Since then, haiku and haiga have become her favorite media of artistic expression. She is the editor of Haigaonline and assistant directior of WHChaikumultimedia.  In addition to Amaze, her art and poetry have appeared in Autumn Leaves, Contemporary Haibun Online,  Fire Pearls, Frog Pond, Geppo, Heron's Nest, Haigaonline, Lynx, Mariposa, Moonset, Nisqually Delta Review, Ribbons, Santa Fe Broadside, Simply Haiku, Soundings, Temps Libres and  WHC World Kigo Project and World Haiku Review.

Paupore - Kathy Paupore   lives in Kingsford, MI with her husband, 3 children, and 2 cats. She started writing poetry in high school. After 12 years as a busy Registered Nurse, housewife, and mother she picked up the pen again and got back into writing poetry seriously. Kathy has lived in several cities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the various cultures and area histories of the U.P. along with her life experiences and nursing background often find voice through her poetry.

- Larry Pace lives in Shreveport, Louisiana. He is a professor of psychology and management, a business consultant, and a poet.

Pearl - Twenty years ago, when Rich Pearl realized that his style was not in vogue, he decided to wait for the world to catch up to him. Recently he has seen his haibun, flash fiction, comic prose, terse verse and the **gasp** more traditional free verse published;  he is the "Unpoet" no more.

Penn - Rachel Penn lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, with her husband, Bob, and their cats, Winston and Tallulah. She is recently retired and happy to have more time to play music and write.

Pignataro - Pam Pignataro is an RN, living in upstate NY & working in NYC. Between the commute, two teenagers & a menagerie of pets, she writes to escape her real life.  Previously published in several issues of "voidmagazine.com", Nov. '06 issue of "Pink Chameleon" (on-line), the autumn '06 issue of "The Blind Man's Rainbow", and pending pub. in July '06 "Poesia." 

Plovnick - Ross Plovnick a retired research chemist, lives with his wife Liza in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  His interests exclude Minnesota winters and include fitness walking, exploring the Southwest, world travel, reading, spectator sports, and, his lifelong hobby, writing poetry and short fiction.  Ross is a member of the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, where he takes poetry and creative writing classes.  His poems have appeared in print and on-line journals including Amaze, Downgo Sun, freefall, Modern Haiku, Pegasus. Poem, Poetalk, Speakeasy, Whistling Shade, Wild Goose Poetry Review, and Wisteria.

Polark - Kelly Polark lives in the Midwest with her husband and three wonderful children. She is a former grade school teacher who now stays at home to care for her children and write. When she is not busy with her family, she loves to write poetry, blog (http://www.kpolark.blogspot.com), and attend rock concerts. Her publication credits include Stories for Children magazine, Whimsy magazine, and Highlights Puzzlemania.

Polizzi - David Polizzi teaches psychology in the Pittsburgh area and works full-time as a psychotherapist and recently earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University. He lives with his wife Liesel and their cat cleo.

Porter - Karen R. Porter hails from the wilds of southern New Jersey.


Rader - Zhanna P. Rader writes a variety of poetry and short stories in Russian, her native language, as well as in English. She is the moderator of WHCRussian  haiku forum of the World Haiku Club and has been an editor of World Haiku Review. She is also the President of the Athens, Georgia, Branch of American League of Pen Women. She is a winner of many haiku, senryu and children's
poem contests. She has been published since 1986 in numerous magazines, anthologies and books, among which are the following: Amaze; Brussels Sprout; Canadian Zen Haiku canadien; Cicada; The Daily Yomiuri; Dragonfly; Ecopoems. Winners of the Rhyming Haiku, 1991; Four Seasons. Haiku Anthology, 1991; Fire Pearls; Frogpond; Haiku Canada Newsletter; Haiku Zashi Zo;  Haikumena; Hermitage; How to Write and Publish Poetry. Larry Gross. Tallahassee, Florida, 1990; In Buddha's Temple; Ko; Lishanu; Lynx; The Lyric; Mainichi News; Mayfly; Midwest Poetry Review; Modern Haiku; "Na Pua'oli  puke'eono". Anthology of HEA; South by Southeast; New Cicada; Nightshade;
Mountain, Sand & Gravel Press; Only Morning in Her Shoes, Utah, 1990; "Russia House"; "The Reach of Song," Georgia State Poetry Society; The Red  Pagoda; Russia House; Short Stuff; Simply Haiku; Sketchbook; Ulitka; Wind Chimes; World Haiku Review; "Write On, HEA! Hawaii; Yellow Moon.

Raisfeld - Carol Raisfeld lives in Atlantic Beach, New York. Photography and poetry are
an integral part of her life, as well as sailing, chess, sculpting and painting. She is an Associate Editor for Simply Haiku, serves as Director, WHChaikumultimedia, Multimedia Editor for World Haiku Review, and as a moderator for WHClovehaiku. Her poetry, art and photography have appeared worldwide in print and online journals, as well as international anthologies. Website: HaikuBuds.com 

Ramesh - Haiku poet, Kala Ramesh, is an exponent of Indian Classical Music. A keen follower of Pandit Kumar Gandharva's style, she has been giving successful concerts in India. She has several articles published on Indian Music and Indian Thought to her credit. Her work consisting of Haiku, Tanka, Haibun, Zips and Cinqku has been published in reputed journals and e-magazines like the Bottle Rockets -Simply Haiku - Frogpond - Heron's Nest - Ribbons - Lynx - World Haiku Review
- The Loch Raven Review - Haiku Harvest - Contemporary Haibun Online -Tinywords - WHC India Saijiki - Triptych Haiku - Japanese daily news-papers- Mainichi, Asahi Shambun and Go-Shichi-Go of The Daily Yomiuri.  She lives with her husband in Pune, India. 

Reid - Kristyn Reid is a native Oklahoman, currently residing on a couple of wooded acres in Choctaw with husband, Mark, three children, three cats, two dogs and a parakeet. She has had poems published in Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, Pedestal magazine, Ludlow Press and the Taj Mahal Review.

Reidy - Jessica Reidy grew up in New England and somewhat recently graduated from Hollins University with a BA in English and Creative Writing and a minor in Philosophy. She spent the last few years traveling Western and Eastern Europe in between working on her degree. She just moved to Ireland and up until recently she was an art model, but now due to global recession and ill-timed immigration she is unemployed and dedicating all my time to finding a job and writing. Her work has appeared in Cargoes, the Hollins literary journal, and she won the Nancy Thorp Poetry Prize.

Relf - Terrie Relf, known in some circles by her haikujin and scifaiku name, semi, lives in San Diego, California. When she's not writing poetry, she's working on a variety of fiction projects and/or her monthly columns for The Espresso and writersmonthly.com. You may also reach her at terrie@writersmonthly.com.

Reynolds - Cynthia Reynolds is the editor of kaleidowhirl. Her poems have appeared in Pebble Lake Review, Poetry Midwest, Lily, and elsewhere.

Riesco - Rod Riesco lives in Horwich, Lancashire (U.K.) with his wife Sue & son Chris. He works as a freelance translator and writes poetry whenever time and inspiration permit. He is also Secretary of Bank Street Writers in Bolton and edits their magazine, Current Accounts.

Riutta - Andrew Riutta lives in northern Michigan, along with his wife, Lori, and their four year old daughter, Issabella. He has been writing for over fifteen years. Some of his influences include Basho, Issa, Nagata Koi, Tu Fu, Ko Un, T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, and Jim Harrison.

Robertson - William Robertson is a freelance writer from Duke Center, Pennsylvania and has been published in over 460 magazines, anthologies, and webzines in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Romania, and Australia. His first novel, HAYFOOT, STRAWFOOT: THE BUCKTAIL RECRUITS, co-written with David Rimer, will be released later this year by White Mane Publishing.

Robinson - Kate Robinson is an Arizona poet most fascinated by the union of the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Rockwell - Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell is a Rhysling-nominated poet and author of over fifty published short stories and poems. She lives in sunny Arizona with her Naval officer husband and two sons, and her first novel, Legacy of Wolves, set in the shared world of Eberron, will be out from Wizards of the Coast in 2007. Visit her blog at biodegradable.blogspot.com

Rodriguez - Michael A. Rodriguez has an AA degree from Rio Hondo College and a BA in creative writing from California State University, Long Beach. He's had poems published in Black Book Press, Children, Churches, and Daddies, Nuthouse, Rivera's Voice and in upcoming issues of po-em, Red Hawk Review and Vulcan. He sadly lives and happily writes in Pico Rivera, California.

Romanko - Karen A. Romanko's poetry and short stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, Ideomancer, Would That It Were, The Pedestal Magazine, Dreams and Nightmares, and NFG, among others. Her first poetry collection, Raven's Runes: Equations in Time, was released by Sam's Dot Publishing in 2004. She also edits and publishes the specfic and mystery e-zine Raven Electrick 

Rua-Larsen - Marybeth Rua-Larsen lives in the South Coast of Massachusetts with her partner, John, and two daughters and teaches part-time at Bristol Community College. She's had poems published or forthcoming in Kaleidowhirl, Color Wheel, Blue Unicorn, and The Worcester Review, among others, as well as the anthology Stories from Where We Live: The North Atlantic Coast. She was a semi-finalist in the 1999 Discovery/The Nation poetry contest and a finalist for the 2007 Philbrick Poetry Award.

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Sargent - Genevieve Sargent's poetry has been published in England, Germany, and India, as well as the United States. She resides in Tempe, Arizona

Sateriale - Eileen W. Sateriale is a freelance writer living in Bowie, Maryland with her husband and two daughters. She is a member of a local writer's group called "Publish or Else." For five years she was the public relations liaison for her daughters' school and for one year she wrote a column for the Prince George's Sentinel. Her work has appeared in Amaze Cinquain Journal, Sol Magazine, Let Us Not Forget Anthology, Forget Me Knots Anthology, P.O.E. Fast Fiction and the Washington Post. One time she judged a poetry contest and learned about seeing poetry through the eyes of many poets. Check out www.publishorelse.com for more information.

Schwalke - Benjamin Schwalke lives in Chester, New Hampshire but he once hailed from Spokane, Washington and spent weekends fly fishing Western Montana.

Shulklapper - Lucille Gang Shulklapper has recent and forthcoming poetry and fiction in literary journals and anthologies such as Still Going Strong, Georgetown Review, the Mona Poetica Anthology, Poetic Voices Without Borders, Gulfstream, and Jerry Jazz Musician. Shulklapper has also published three chapbooks. Recent awards include First Prize for a prose poem by The National League of Pen Women: Nob Hill Branch, Third prize for a poem by Common Ground Review, Honorable Mention for a short story by the Rrofihe Trophy, and the Margaret Reid Prize for traditional poetry. Living up to traditional expectations led to work as a salesperson, model, realtor, teacher, and curriculum coordinator throughout schooling, marriage, children, and grandchildren.

Schwader - Ann K. Schwader is an accomplished poet of the dark side. Ann lives in Westminster, CO with her husband and an utterly spoiled Welsh corgi. She is an active member of both SFWA and HWA. Her short form poetry has also appeared in Heron's Nest, Modern Haiku, Magazine of Speculative Poetry, and elsewhere. Her SF/Lovecraftian sonnet sequence, In the Yaddith Time, was recently published by Mythos Books. Links to more of her work may be found at www.geocities.com/hpl4ever/.

Shields - Trish Shields was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, but grew up in Europe. She has studied creative writing and Fine Arts at the Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. 'Soul Speak', a book of poetry published by Troubadour Books, was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award in 2001. Trish has two books of poetry published and her work has appeared in numerous anthologies. Her first fictional novel, ‘Inferno’ is published by Baycrest Books. Trish’s poetry and short stories have been published internationally. Her first chapbook, Coast Lines, is co-authored by Katherine L. Gordon, released in February 2007.

Simon - Marge Ballif Simon free lances as a writer-poet-illustrator for genre and mainstream publications such as From the Asylum, Chizine, The Pedestal Magazine, Strange Horizons, Flashquake, Aeon, Vestal Review, more. Her dark poetry collection with Charlee Jacob, Vectors: A Week in the Death of a Planet with Charlee Jacob, Dark Regions Press, won a Bram Stoker award in 2008.  Her self illustrated poetry collection, Artist of Antithesis, was a Stoker finalist in 2004. Marge is former president of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and now serves as editor of Star*Line.

Simmons - Jackie Simmons lives in southwestern Connecticut, about an hour and a half north of New York City. Her poems and prose have appeared in RealPoetik, Purple Fiction, Nomad's Choir, Rag, Fairfield Area Poets, and the First Tuesday Poetry Group Anthology. Her first love is performance poetry, and she has performed at open mikes throughout New York City and Connecticut--usually as a surprise & uninvited guest, occasionally as a featured performer. Her chapbook, Thank You, Goodbye is currently being revised and hawked to a real publisher. She's experimenting with all forms of poetry now, including the quieter, less vulgar cinquain. Her most important creative endeavors are her 15-year-old son, Scott, and 4-year-old daughter, Molly Violet. Her personal poetry site is http://www.hometown.aol.com/jackie203/. 

Sinsap - Cindy Sinsap is an american residing in Thailand.

Sloat -  Sarah Sloat was born in Plainfield, New Jersey. She attended college and graduate school in New Jersey, studying literature, linguistics and Chinese. For the past twelve years, Sarah has lived in Europe, and resides now in Frankfurt, Germany, with her husband and children. She works as an assignment editor for a news agency.

Smith - Monica Ellen Smith resides in Ohio, and has written poetry since 1991. Her work has been published in literary magazines and anthologies internationally (i.e. Poesy, The Fairfield Review, Ibbetson Street Press, Limestone Circle, High Horse, Carnelian, Taj Mahal Review, MAG (Muse Apprentice Guild)). She has released her first book of poetry, Days of Fine Gray Ash. 

Smith - Stacy Smith is the editor of Reflections of Nature: An Anthology of Nature Poems and In the Eyes of the Wild: An Anthology of Wildlife Poetry & Short Stories. Her own work appears in both anthologies. Stacy’s poetry has also appeared in The Heron’s Nest haiku journal, Birds & Blooms magazine, the 2004 Angel Datebook, three other anthologies and various other publications. In April 2004, she had a nature poetry chapbook published, titled Along the River and Through Flowered Fields, co-written by Betty Lou Hebert. All royalties from the book go directly to Wildlife Resqu Haus, a wildlife rehab center in Indiana. For more information, visit Stacy’s nature web site at: 

South - Ava South, a native Texan, has been writing all her life but is relatively new to publishing her work. She has been married for over fifty years and has five grown children. She worked in health care for a number of years both as an obstetrical nurse and in nursing homes. She is active in her community and her church, loves the internet and participates in several online poetry forums.

Spain - Lee A. Spain  is an information technology professional by day and an aspiring writer and poet at other times. Mr. Spain has previously published a variety of technical book reviews and short articles.  Lee earned a BA in English from the University of Florida and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University. He first became interested in short poetry in high school. However, the purchase of a handheld computer recently rekindled his interest in Haiku and Cinquains. Lee and his wife, Christine, currently reside in the Southeastern United States.

Sparks - Ron Sparks is a software engineer living in Orlando, FL. He is also the editor/webmaster of iSciFiStory.com, a website that caters to writers of science-fiction and fantasy. He currently has a number of short stories in circulation, hoping to get them published, and is working on three more. In his spare time, Ron likes to play his guitar, practice his martial arts, and study astronomy.

Stanley - J.E. Stanley  is an accountant and on again/off again guitarist from the grayscale suburban wilderness of Northeastern Ohio and a member of the Deep Cleveland Tribe of Poets. In addition to a previous issues of Amaze, his work has appeared in numerous publications including the book Dark Intervals (vanZeno Press), the chapbook, Dissonance (deep cleveland press) and the short collection, Ink (Gypsy Lips Press).

Stearns - Maryann Hazen Stearns, author of poetry collection "Under the Limbo Stick," has poetry appearing in print publications throughout the US as well as Canada, Switzerland, India, and the UK, and over 350 electronic publications. She is currently listed in "A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers". She teaches "Poetry As Pastime" at Sullivan County Community College, NY. She is also an occasional Poetry Editor, Poetry Competition Judge, and CMT. She is an active member of Sol Magazine, The Alchemy Poetry Club, the Woodstock Poetry Society, and Poets & Writers. Maryann has won numerous awards and competitions with her work. She is currently putting the finishing touches on two new poetry manuscripts, "Erotique Revolutions," and "The Dance with Choice & Chance".

Strand - Brian Strand lives in Adylesbury, England.

Summins - Rich Summins lives in the Chicago area with his loved ones: his recliner and his remote control.

Swanson - Mo Swanson is a teacher and poet, wife and mother living in New England. Some of her poems have been published in Crescent Moon Journal, Poems Niederngasse, Loch Raven Review, and recently in Mindfire Renewed, the War and Peace Issue.

Szymanski - Marcia Szymanski is a poet and non-fiction writer, with an emphasis on women's issues. She is a founding member of the Fine Line Poets, in southeastern Massachusetts. In the past few years she has won a number of local prizes for her poetry.

Tebo -
Cindy Tebo is currently a sales representative for American Airlines. Her poetry has appeared previously in Modern Haiku, Ozarks Mountaineer, and American Tanka.

Tentchoff - Marcie Lynn Tentchoff is an Aurora Award winning poet/writer from the west coast of Canada. Her work has appeared in such magazines as On Spec, Weird Tales, Aeon, and Talebones, as well as in various anthologies and online publications.

TerMolen - Nathan TerMolen lives and writes in Hudsonville, Michigan. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a B.A. in English/Creative Writing. He has a poem forthcoming in the Spring 2006 edition of Driftwood.

Thomas -  Kathleen Thomas is a retired English teacher who loves to write. Her degrees are from the University of Armidale, NSW and Sydney University.

Thompkins - Pat Tompkins is an editor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her poems and short stories have appeared recently in flashquake, the Aurorean, the Bellevue Literary Review, red lights, and Astropoetica.

Thompson - James M. Thompson James M. Thompson is a construction professional, who, after a
twenty-year hiatus, began writing again about seven years ago. He has published poems in Indian Heritage Quarterly, Frogpond (the Journal of the American Haiku Society), Lynx and Texas Poetry Calendar, 2004. He also has poems in several online publications including Sol-Magazine, Rose and Thorn, Lotus Blooms Journal, Eve's Habit and Mail Call Journal (as a second place finisher in their Fall 1998 History Poetry Contest). Besides cinquain, he writes and reads many of the Japanese poetry forms, as well as haibun, short stories and  poetry.

Thompson - Kimberly K. Thompson resides in Fairmont,WV where she lives with her husband, Bill, of 21 years and their 3 overindulged cats. She attended Fairmont Senior High School, Opportunities Industrialization Center(OIC), and Fairmont Business College. She loves to write poetry. She has been published in Bell's Letters of Gulfport, Mississippi, and her
local newspaper, The Times West Virginian.

Thunell - CarrieAnn Thunell Ms. Thunell is a Seattle-born free-lance artist and writer. She holds a B.A. from Western Washington University, Bellingham. Ms. Thunell is the poetry columnist/artist for SP Quill magazine. She is also poetry columnist for Write On, and The Storyteller. Ms. Thunell has had poetry, art, articles, and/or stories published in: A Time Of Singing, Amaze, Aurorean, Beginnings, Black Widow’s Web, Blue Collar Review, Flesh From Ashes, Freefall, Frogpond, Free eXpressions (Australia), Frogpond, Heron’s Nest, Kokako (New Zealand), Mayfly, Modern Haiku, Mindprints, Mobius, Paper Wasp (Australia), Pegasus, Penwood Review, Percival Review, Poetic Hours (England), Presence (England), Red Lights, Skyline, Snoring Cat, SP Quill, Storyteller, The Lyric, Thorny Locust, and Write On. She is chief editor and co-founder of the Association for the Revival of Formalist Poetry located at http://www.freewebs.com/formalistpoetry/. 

Tobin - Keith Tobin  resides in Mainland, Pennsylvania with his wife, three dogs, and cat. He works full-time in the textile industry, attends college part-time, edits a newsletter for a local writers' club, and writes haiku,  short poetry, short-stories, and is working on a fantasy novel, which he hopes to have completed in a year or two.

Todd - David A. Todd is a Rhode Islander transplanted to Bella Vista, Arkansas, with stops in Kansas City, Saudi Arabia, North Carolina, and Kuwait along the way. He is married with two adult children, and a civil engineer by trade. He wrote his first serious poem in August 2001 at age 49. His poetry is mainly formal--sonnets and ballads and other structured verse, with cinquains as another favorite. His main publishing credits are in the engineering field, including technical and management magazine articles. He is a moderator of the poetry forums at poemkingdom.com.

Trossarello - Lisa Trossarello lives near Atlanta, Georgia with an assortment of children, ghosts and animals. She has been writing since she was young. Currently having a serious love affair with the written word in Cinquain form, she has been known to have flings with limericks and double-dactyls. Her present position as a chair warmer, cappuccino drinker and book reader at her local Barnes & Noble have left her plenty of time to write.

Virga - Michael Virga - MV's poetry has appeared online and in print. Venice and Photograph (Vol. 1, No.1) & Evergreen (Vol.1, No. 2) are three of his "international cities" cinquains.  He has also recently been published in Stirrings.

Virtes - Scott Virtes collects weird creative credits, from Analog to AlphaDrive to Amazon Shorts, from "Master and Commander" to his own short films.  He can be found acting up at open mike events around San Diego. His creative blog is: http://unfuture.blogspot.com

Walker - Shirley J. Walker is a native California Pisces who enjoys writing a diverse array of short stories, poems, and eating banana pudding. Her work has appeared in ZuZu's Petals, A Writer's Choice, All Mixed Up, Papyrus, TimBookTu, and several other online and print literary journals. She stated, "My busy inner child keeps me young, and my creative juice drips on occasion."  Shirley currently resides in Rialto with her husband, their 7yr-old grandson, and two outside cats that think she belongs to them.

West - Harriot West lives in the Pacific Northwest in the US. Her poetry has been published in a wide variety of journals including Modern Haiku, Frogpond, bottle rockets, Acorn and The Heron's Nest. In addition her work will appear in New Resonance 5: Emerging Voices in English Language Haiku.

Whatley - Leslie Whatley teaches English at Florida State University, where he is working toward a Ph.D. and is an editor for The Southeast Review. His poetry has won an Academy of American Poets Award and has recently been accepted for publication in The Atlanta Review and SLANT.

Williams - Michael Williams is 86 years old and lives in Perth, Western Australia. He was born in St Helens, a Lancashire lad, in 1920 and was educated through primary and secondary and early tertiary schools in Southport. He served in the British Army 1939-1946 in Royal Engineers and after demobilization read for a BA (Honours in Architecture) at the University of Sheffield where he graduated in 1946. He worked as an architect in Sheffield until migrating to Perth, Western Australia in 1957 to work with the Public Works Department of Western Australia. Retired since1980, he has taken up creative writing and has continued to indulge in his love of mixed media drawing and painting.

Williams - Steve Williams writes for his two daughters 5 and 10, so they will know something of his thoughts at this time in life. After years of dabbling in poems only to never write for periods of 6-10 years at a time, he picked up a pen last November just after his birthday and has been writing non-stop since. His wife is convinced its a mid-life crisis, he is not so sure. She is thankful its not a red sportscar.

Williams - Wood Williams, jr. lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife Genny and my eight-year-old daughter Audrey. His work has appeared in Writer's Journal, Parnassus Literary Journal, the Chiron Review, and a handful of other places.

Wilshaw - Pearl Mary Wilshaw lives in Center Moriches, New York and has been writing and publishing in literary journals for several years. Her poems have appeared in Caveat Lector, Ginger Hill, Midwest Poetry Review, Mind Matters, Plainsongs, Clark Street Review, Raintown Review, Mobius, and others. She is a member of the Academy of American Poets and her background includes teaching music and library sciences (K-12) in New York State.

Wilson - Katherine Wilson

Wilson - Janet Wilson lives in the small artsy community of Oceanside, on the Oregon coast. She has been writing poetry on and off since high school, but only recently began writing and posting in earnest. Besides poetry, she is a photographer, and a craftsperson, making dreamcatchers, suncatchers, jewelry, bird feeders and mosaic from the glass she collects off the beach. Her poetry and photographs have been published in three ezines: Lingerings (the Words of a Woman Net Society), 2Moon Quarterly and Expose' Express. She is co-editor for two new ezines, 2Avant Quarterly and DaNaHo Muse, A Multicultural Art & Poetry Underground Review. Besides posting on several on-line poetry forums, she moderates on two, iampoetry and Poetic Haven.  Bren (Brenda Gentry) is the reason she started writing cinquains. They are now an addiction, and if she doesn’t get her daily dose writing them on The Critical Poet in the Cinquain Train, her day isn’t complete. Thanks Bren!!

Wiltshire - Wiltshire is a Southern California teacher, lawyer and writer with a background in dance, theater and film production.  Her poetry has appeared in various publications, including Crescent Moon Journal, Triplopia, T-Zero -The Writer’s Ezine, Poems Niederngasse,  Mindfire Renewed, Loch Raven Review and the London Red Cross Insomnia Project.  She enjoys experimenting with all kinds of poetry: free verse, sonnets, pantoums, minimals, prose poems, Japanese forms and anything that’s new and interesting.  Wiltshire is currently at work on revisions to her first novel, but poetry is and will always be her first love. 

Wintz -
Anita Beverly Wintz attended Harvard and graduated from Cornell University. She lives with her husband and their Golden Retriever in the mountain community of Idyllwild, CA, 7000 feet about Palm Springs. She is on the Board of Directors of the Idyllwild Library, and often makes school visits giving poetry workshops at Idyllwild Elementary School. Anita's work has been widely published in literary journals, magazines and anthologies for adults as well as children. As a result of an invitation by Myra Cohn Livingston to join her UCLA Master Class, many of Anita's poems were published by mainline publishers. She served as poetry consultant to Benchmark Education Co. this year. Carus Publication's magazines, Cricket and Spider; as well as Australia's The School Magazine, Blast Off have featured her poems for children. Her adult poetry has appeared in journals like Light and included in The Muse Strikes Back. Her tanka were included in HOW TO HAIKU (Tuttle Publishing). Anita's mentors include Robert Speiss, late editor of MODERN HAIKU, and Kenneth C. Leibman, late editor of HSA's frogpond.

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